Thank you for helping us to provide a better service by submitting diagnostic information about the way your computer is using a website supported by FT Labs. This tool will collect the following information about your computer, in addition to the information you give us in the form below, and will submit it to us for analysis.

  • IP Address (What's this?)
  • User agent (browser version) and other HTTP headers
  • Screen size and colour depth
  • The current size of the usable area of your browser
  • Plugin versions including the installed version of the Adobe Flash Player
  • Your browser's cookies for the domain blogs.ft.com (the owner of the domain must have authorised use of this tool)
  • Whether your browser is accepting new cookies
  • The approximate speed of your connection
  • Your physical location
  • The URL of the page that sent you here

The information collected may include personal data such as your email address or name if this data is present in your cookies. If you have any queries or concerns about the collection of this data or what we will do with it, please contact dataprotection@labs.ft.com.

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