Design/developer advocate

Join the Origami team as a design / developer advocate to build the tools and user interface components that will empower our teams to build better products, faster. You’ll be creating new UI components and maintaining existing ones with Web Components specifications in mind. Your JavaScript, CSS and HTML will be well documented and use a well planned architecture to create testable, maintainable, forward-looking code. As a design and front-end specialist, you’ll liaise with both stakeholders, designers and developers to align their goals and expectations, helping them to work together well.

This page describes the design/developer advocate role specifically. For general recruitment information and a guide to what working at the FT is like, or for details of our other jobs, please see our main jobs page.

Responsibilities may include:

  • JavaScript, CSS (Sass) and HTML development for new or existing components
  • Keeping teams up to date with the current state of Origami
  • Promoting adoption of Origami components and assisting design and development teams understand its benefits
  • Engaging with internal and global standards to keep us forward-compatible
  • Liaising with engineering managers, testers, UX engineers and designers to help shape the user experience, and understand how we can improve the Origami tooling for the benefit of users across the company

Required skills

  • Excellent communication skills (the role involves public speaking) and documentation writing skills
  • HTML5 and CSS, in particular an excellent knowledge of Sass
  • Expert understanding of mobile design and usability principles
  • Experience in and enthusiasm for accessibility and web performance
  • Working knowledge of JavaScript and Node.js
  • Working knowledge of Linux command line tools and version control concepts
  • Excellent quality of written and spoken English

Desirable skills

  • Experience with working in large codebases and component-based architectures
  • Experience with PHP, jQuery, git, Redmine, Sass, Grunt, and/or CommonJS modules
  • A flair for UI design
  • Knowledge of the current state of ES6 and ES7 development


We offer starting salaries of £25,000 – £70,000, and a bonus scheme for this role


Send a brief email with a link to an online CV or attaching a PDF to [INSERT HIRING MANAGER EMAIL]