Front end developer (Origami)

Join us as a Front end developer in our Origami team to create and manage components that teams across the FT will depend on to ensure our readers get a consistent, accessible and high quality user experience on all our websites and services. You’ll have the opportunity to work across the full stack, but with a specialism in the front end and particularly best practice, cutting edge use of Sass.

Most of the Origami team’s work is open source, and features frequently at conferences such as Overtheair, Velocity and CSSConf. We also host the monthly London Web Performance meetup.

This page describes the Front end role specifically. For general recruitment information and a guide to what working at FT Labs is like, or for details of our other jobs, please see our main jobs page.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Markup and Sass development for Origami UI components
  • Front end JavaScript to implement UI component behaviours
  • Testing, deployment and support of components you work on
  • Liaising with engineering managers, testers, UX engineers and designers to help shape the user experience

Required skills

  • Highly capable in the Sass CSS preprocessor
  • Competent in HTML5 and modern JavaScript
  • Working knowledge of Linux command line tools and version control concepts
  • Excellent quality of written and spoken English

Desirable skills

  • An interest in componentisation of UI, separation of concerns and front end style guides
  • Experience with PHP, jQuery, git, grunt, gulp, and CommonJS modules
  • A flair for UI design
  • Knowledge of the current state of ES6 and ES7 development


We offer starting salaries of £25,000 – £70,000 + bonus scheme for developer roles


Send a brief email with a link to an online CV or PDF attachment to [INSERT HIRING MANAGER EMAIL]