Application and interview process

Here is an overview of our recruitment process, and information on how to prepare for our interviews.

1. Application and questionnaire

When you first apply, we ask you to submit a CV or resume of some kind in your email to the hiring manager. We are not able to get back to every applicant, but if you are successful you will receive an invitation to complete our skills test, or in some cases (normally for more senior roles) we may do a very brief chat over the phone before we let you loose on it

2. Test

As well as testing your technical skills, our testing process also tries to fill in some important blanks that are often not covered in CVs, like verifying your legal right to work in the UK, and your notice period / availability. We also collect diversity data to monitor the success of our efforts to appeal to more gender and ethnically diverse applicants. You can start and stop the test as often as you like, and it will not be scored until you submit it. If you leave it for a long time without submitting, you may receive an email reminder, and eventually the test access will expire.

3. Video/phone interview

If you pass our online test, we’ll invite you to chat with us on a video interview. There are usually at least two of these before we proceed to an in-person interview. Here’s some information to help you prepare.

  • We use either Google Hangouts, Skype or WebRTC, at the discretion of the hiring manager, but if you prefer a particular technology please let us know.
  • The interview will last between 30 and 90 minutes. An hour is typical.
  • We will focus on technical ability. The interviewer will ask you to collaborate with them in solving one or more coding problems, and will review your answers to our online technical assessment.
  • We will also discuss your aspirations, and what you’re looking for in the job.
  • Please ensure you have a good internet connection, microphone and webcam available.
  • Check that the lighting is good enough that we can see you properly, and choose somewhere quiet.

4. On site interview

Usually an on-site interview will happen after at least one video interview.

  • The interview will last between 1 and 2 hours.
  • You’ll normally be interviewed by two people, one is normally a hiring manager who conducted a previous video interview with you, and one is from the team you’d be working in if you get the job.
  • The focus will be on your attitude, approach, aspirations and goals for your career.
  • We do not typically spend much time on technical skills in this interview, but there may still be some collaborative problem solving.
  • If you are applying for a developer role, it would be very helpful if you could bring some source code that you have written in the last 3 years. This should be your own original work, for example something you’ve done in a current or previous job, as a personal project or as a contribution to an open source project. If you have public repos online, then you can just point us at those.
  • The dress code is casual. Wear what makes you feel comfortable. If your interview is at our One Southwark Bridge HQ, we recommend something reasonably conservative. If your interview is at Labs, we don’t care – as long as you’re not making some kind of statement with what you’re wearing, we probably won’t remember it anyway.
  • The FT building is 1 Southwark Bridge, London SE1 9HL.
  • If you are travelling from outside Greater London for the interview, the FT will reimburse you for your reasonable travel expenses. The hiring manager should offer to do this for you proactively, but if not please feel free to ask, we don’t mind. For long distance travel, we will also provide overnight accommodation where appropriate, which we will typically book for you.

We usually only conduct one in-person interview before issuing a job offer, but in some cases we may do a second.