Labs developer

NB: as of 2016/11/07 we are no longer hiring for this position.

Our Labs team creates prototypes and reimagines news and the newsroom, peering into the fast-changing future. Working with other multi-disciplinary engineers, you’ll be involved in evaluating and choosing project ideas, working on prototypes, evaluating results and presenting demos to the rest of the company and the world.

You’ll bring your own set of interests and skills but will pitch in with a wide variety of projects ranging from experimental use cases for new form factors (watches, VR headsets, TVs, gesture UI etc), to trying out new APIs, working with real time data, video and audio, running data-driven UX experiments and building custom hardware. Our prototype sprints are quick and disciplined, we finish on time, write it up and move onto the next idea.

We’re looking for someone for this role who straddles development and design, but within the team each person will have different strengths. We don’t expect you to be an expert at everything, but we do look for fearlessness, a willingness to pick up and use a new language or technique at short notice.

This page describes the Labs developer role specifically. For general recruitment information and a guide to what working at FT Labs is like, or for details of our other jobs, please see our main jobs page.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Designing and developing user interfaces for a variety of weird and wonderful conceptual prototypes
  • Application development in JavaScript, CSS, HTML. Likely use of other languages for scripting, configuration, automation or firmware hacking.
  • Liaising with engineering managers, testers, UX engineers and designers to help shape the user experience
  • Writing tests, testing and improving documentation

Required skills

  • Capable in raw JavaScript programming (without dependence on any framework or toolset)
  • HTML5 and CSS
  • Working knowledge of Linux command line tools and version control concepts
  • An interest in designing effective user experience
  • Excellent quality of written and spoken English

Desirable skills

  • Experience with Sass, ES6, and popular JavaScript build tools, or at least an interest in learning more about these tools and the ability to pick them up quickly
  • Understanding of the maths, physics and psychology of animation
  • Ability to work to strict deadlines
  • Experience working on hardware hacks
  • Participation in hack days / hackathons


We are happy to consider applicants of all levels of experience and will pitch a salary offer accordingly.


Send a brief email with a link to an online CV or PDF attachment to FTLabs