PHP developer

Join us as a PHP developer to build great websites and web applications for a wide variety of platforms and audiences. Our sites have previously won three Webby awards, and most recently we’re scored a best mobile site award from the Association of Online Publishers. You’ll be writing and working with PHP based web applications, using a variety of frameworks, both well known and home grown, to create the best solutions we can.

This page describes the web developer role specifically. For general recruitment information and a guide to what working at FT Labs is like, or for details of our other jobs, please see our main jobs page.


  • Software development in PHP
  • Integrating with associated technologies: databases, caches, message queues, APIs, SMS and Email, test frameworks, and much more.
  • Templates and some user interface development, working with UX engineers on larger projects
  • Testing, debugging and troubleshooting
  • Client liaison and training

Required skills

  • PHP 5
  • MySQL 5 (to expert level, including sub queries, unions, and optimising for multi-million row record sets)
  • HTML5 and CSS
  • Knowledge of a variety of software design patterns
  • Working knowledge of Linux command line tools and version control concepts
  • Excellent quality of written and spoken English

Desirable skills

  • JavaScript
  • Experience with jQuery
  • Usability and user experience design
  • Knowledge of a variety of PHP frameworks (ie. more than one).
  • Knowledge of the Baazar VCS

Unnecessary/undesirable skills

  • Adobe flash
  • .net or any other Microsoft technology
  • Specialism in any one specific PHP framework


We offer salaries of £25,000 – £50,000 for developer roles


Send a brief email with a link to an online CV or PDF attachment to [INSERT HIRING MANAGER EMAIL]