Web operations engineer

Join us as a web operations engineer to help us deliver our web sites and applications with high availability and maximum performance. Support and work with our developers by providing a cutting edge platform for our software, and a reliable service that our clients and web users can come to depend upon. Our sites have previously won three Webby awards and other prestigious accolades. You’ll be helping to manage a server farm of up to 50 machines and associated network appliances, engineering for fault tolerance, maximum scalability and performance and minimum environmental impact, while also dealing with around a dozen web applications running on the platform.

This page describes the webops engineer role specifically. For general recruitment information and a guide to what working at FT Labs is like, or for details of our other jobs, please see our main jobs page.


  • Operational management of Linux servers running Apache, MySQL, PHP and associated technologies
  • Building developer VMs and configuring new server platforms
  • Testing, debugging and troubleshooting of platform level problems, identifying and isolating problematic software to assist the development team and systems administrators with fault resolution.
  • Monitoring and optimising server and application performance
  • Supporting the development team with deployment and production config for their applications
  • Sharing on-call duties

Required skills

  • Experience managing linux servers for high availability
  • Server monitoring, Zabbix/Nagios etc
  • Shared storage
  • MySQL database deployment, monitoring and optimisation
  • Proxy strategies for website acceleration
  • Configuration management using cfengine or puppet
  • Package management using RPM
  • PHP, SQL and JavaScript to an advanced level
  • Technical problem solving abilities

Desirable skills

  • Data protection compliant backup strategy
  • System performance tuning and capacity planning

Unnecessary/undesirable skills

  • Adobe, Oracle or Microsoft server technologies (we typically do not use many of these)


We offer salaries of £30,000 – £50,000 for webops roles


Send a brief email with a link to an online CV or PDF attachment to [INSERT HIRING MANAGER EMAIL]