About URL sharing

You can now share content from the Financial Times with friends or colleagues that do not have an FT subscription even more easily than before. If you are a standard or premium subscriber, when viewing an article page we will subtly alter the address of the page after you have loaded it, adding a share_code that is unique to you.

URL sharing share_code

When you send this link to a friend, and they click on it, they will see the full text of the article, without having to sign up or log in, as a benefit of your subscription. You don’t have to tell us who they are and you can share the link with them however you like.

You can share with up to 10 people per month. If you have run out of gift credits, the link will work just like a normal article link, and your friend or colleague will be asked to subscribe or sign in with a subscription to view the article.

Getting more control

Sometimes you might want to share the same link with more than one person – or even a lot of people. To customise the way that your share link works, click the Share option in the article page. You can then customise how many times the link will work, or post the link on social media.

Custom UI for URL sharing

There are also quick links to compose a new email with the link, copy it to your clipboard, or shorten it.

Buying more gift credits

As an FT subscriber you can use up to 10 gift credits per month as part of your subscription, which do not roll over. Gift credits are also available to buy, allowing you to promote or share important FT content with your customers, staff or wider colleagues, in batches of 500 to 100,000. For more information or to place an order for gift credits during this trial phase please call product consultant Junior Hewitt on +44 (0) 207 873 3704 or via email junior.hewitt@ft.com.