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FT Labs is a small team at the Financial Times, striving to reach and engage readers with the world’s finest journalism, by looking for gaps, opportunities, concerns, and the unknown. (...more)

Our work (and posts, on a semi-irregular basis) cover myriad topics, ranging from specific problems (Ad Blocking, OCR, ...), via upcoming concerns and opportunities (text-to-speech, conversation APIs, ...), to simply exploring new technologies (Amazon Alexa, Google Home, ...).

Recent Posts

Capturing text with canvas

Get a shareable image of text in one click

Twitter Digest

Exploring new reading modes for feeds through Twitter

Audio Watermarking

Exploring the possibility of discreetly marking audio files for source

Connected FT

Connecting personal devices to each other with Push and


Using image recognition to connect the paper FT to its digital equivalent

Moving to Jekyll

A brief note to indicate we have migrated the FT Labs blog from WordPress to Jekyll.

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