FT Labs


FT Labs is a small team at the Financial Times, striving to reach and engage readers with the world’s finest journalism, by looking for gaps, opportunities, concerns, and the unknown. (...more)

Our work (and posts, on a semi-irregular basis) cover myriad topics, ranging from specific problems (Ad Blocking, OCR, ...), via upcoming concerns and opportunities (text-to-speech, conversation APIs, ...), to simply exploring new technologies (Amazon Alexa, Google Home, ...).

Recent Posts

BBC newsHack: Multilingual newsrooms

A further exploration of machine translations at BBC newsHack


Creating art out of headline images

Speaking in Financial Tongues: Translations on FT.com

Exploring news in different languages.

Post-it® Poster

A bit of fun with a digital version of our trade show poster

Yet Another Crossword Data Format

Defining a new human-readable data format for simple crosswords

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