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FT Labs is a small team at the Financial Times, striving to reach and engage readers with the world’s finest journalism, by looking for gaps, opportunities, concerns, and the unknown. (...more)

Our work (and posts, on a semi-irregular basis) cover myriad topics, ranging from specific problems (Ad Blocking, OCR, ...), via upcoming concerns and opportunities (text-to-speech, conversation APIs, ...), to simply exploring new technologies (Amazon Alexa, Google Home, ...).

Recent Posts


Using image recognition to connect the paper FT to its digital equivalent

Moving to Jekyll

A brief note to indicate we have migrated the FT Labs blog from WordPress to Jekyll.


Listen to the FT

A rather lovely subscriber-only podcast player of audio articles, in the form of a progressive web app

Ad Blocking Experiments

In an interesting coming-together of serious and whimsical, FT Labs worked on some Ad Blocking ideas

Animating 123 years of FT banners

There was an opportunity to create an animation from the main banner images, from the first issue in 1888 through to 2010

Training the Archive OCR with better characters

We still had whole decades of FT issues where the OCR had failed to extract any meaningful text from the scanned images of the pages.